Kamigata Shamisen is Japan's Most Traditional Style of Shamisen

邦楽の会「和奏伎」代表 藤本秀摂浩 (Fujimoto Hidesetsuhiro)
We are a Japanese music organization based in Osaka who play traditional style Kamigata Shamisen. We both teach and perform Kamigata Shamisen in the Kansai area. The three Japanese characters that make up the name "Wakanagi" mean "Japan", "to play an instrument", and "art" or "technique". Here in Osaka and Kyoto, the original place of modern Japanese shamisen, we perform in various places throughout the year for public events and exhibitions. Our headquarters is located in the shopping district called Tenjin-bashi near the Osaka Tenmangu Station. Through the medium of Japanese Shamisen we strive to communicate Japanese Culture to the world.
My name is Hidesetsuhiro Fujimoto, the head of Wakanagi. We welcome you to the world of Kamigata Shamisen.