Kamigata Shamisen is Japan's Most Traditional Style of Shamisen



住所 Address

19-16-202 Tenjinbashi 1chome Kita Ward Osaka City
・地下鉄 谷町線・堺筋線「南森町」駅④B出口
より天神橋商店街を南へ(エイブルとMiniMiniの間)3分ほど歩き右側 「我母(パブ)」の右側の通路を進み左手の階段を2階へ上がって左側の扉。
Subway Tanimachi Line and Sakaisuji Line「Minamimorimachi Station」④B exit
JR Tozai Line「Osaka Tenmangu Station」③ exit
It walks to the south in the Tenjin-bashi shopping street for five minutes.
Building with pub [wagamama 我母] on right side of a road.
It is the back room going up to the 2nd floor.

連絡先 contact

電話: 050-3735-9390 (転送電話 )
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