Kamigata Shamisen is Japan's Most Traditional Style of Shamisen


What is kamigata shamisen


 The Japanese shamisen evolved from a Chinese string instrument called a "sanshin". Over 600 years ago, a sanshin was brought to Okinawa, Japan. There it developed into what is known as an Okinawa Sanshin, which is still played there today. About 450 years ago, the Okinawa Sanshin made its way to Osaka, where it evolved into what we know today as the Japanese Shamisen. The Japanese Shamisen is different from the Okinawa Sanshin in a number of ways, being notably larger and played with a style of pick called a "bachi" instead of with your fingers. The style of shamisen that was developed in Osaka is called "Kamigata Shamisen". Kamigata Shamisen is still prevalent in the cities of Osaka and Kyoto. While there are many different styles of shamisen that have developed throughout Japan, Kamigata Shamisen is credited with being the origin of the modern shamisen.